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Legend of Saci Pererê

Legend of Saci Pererê

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The legend of Saci is one of the most widespread in Brazil. According to many authors, Saci is a mischievous black boy who has only one leg, wears a red hood or cap on his head, and smokes a pipe all the time.

He usually runs after animals to chase them away, likes to ride horses and knot their manes. Saci Pererê can also appear and disappear mysteriously, it is very restless and not for a moment, because it is jumping from one place to another and every time it prepares its mischief, it gives happy and sharp laughs and it likes to whistle, especially when There are no moonlit nights.

Saci Pererê is attributed to things that go wrong. He goes into the houses and puts out the fire, burns the food in the pots, dries up the water in the pots, gives people a lot of work hiding the objects they are unlikely to find again. Their main fun is to get people to get lost.

It is said to have come from the middle of a whirlwind and to scare it away people throw a knife at the whirlwind or else call it by its name. Although it belongs to the southeastern and southern folklore, it was also introduced to northern folklore as a very popular figure in this region of the country.


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