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Summary - Chronology of the Second Crusade

Summary - Chronology of the Second Crusade

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1145, December 14.
Pope Eugene III proclaims the 2nd Crusade.

1146, March 31.
Sermon of St. Bernard of Claraval in the Vezelay Basilica, preaching the Crusade.

1146, September 15th.
Aleppo's drummer Zinki is murdered by his pages. The kingdom of Edessa is shared by her two sons, Ghazi and Nur ed-Din.

1146, October 27 - November 3.
Jocelino II reoccupies Edessa.

1146, 25-27 December.
St. Bernard of Claraval orders Conrado III, German Emperor, to lead the crusade.

Departure of the King of France, Louis VII, and Conrad III to Palestine.

1147, October 4.
Louis VII arrives at Constantinople.

1147, 26 October.
The German crusaders, abandoned by the Byzantines, are crushed in Dorileia.

1148, March.
Louis VII disembarks in Antioch.

1148, July 23rd.
French troops, survivors of the German crusade and knights of the Holy Land encircle Damascus. They leave him five days later, unable to conquer the city.

1149, spring.
Louis VII and Conrad return to France. The Second Crusade fails and the myth of the invincibility of the Franks is razed.

1149, June 29.
Nur ed-Din defeats the Franks in Ma'arra, and kills Raimundo de Poitiers.

Faced with the Muslim threat, Baldwin III leaves Turbessel and other northern fortresses of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

1153, August 19.
The Franks take Ascalon, who had resisted them since the First Crusade.

1153, August 20.
Saint Bernard dies in the Cistercian monastery of Claraval, of which he was abbot since 1115.

Nur ed-Din enters Damascus.

Norman attack on Alexandria, Egypt.

Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch, puts Cyprus to the sack.

Harim is taken up by Baldwin III.

The Prince of Antioch recognizes the Byzantine Emperor as his overlord.
"The Franks with the help of the Byzantines set siege to Aleppo."
- The Byzantines make peace with Nur ed-Din.

1162, January 10th.
Death of Baldwin III. His nephew Amaury I ascends to the throne of Jerusalem.

Amaury I surrounds Pelusa, but has to raise the siege because Nur ed-Din retakes Harim.

Amaury I, king of Jerusalem, occupies Cairo.

Amaury I's Expedition to Egypt, Failing
- Nur ed-Din reoccupies Cairo.

Saladin (Salah ed-Din), founder of the Kurdish Ayyubid dynasty, is named vizier of Egypt by Nur ed-Din, caliph of Damascus.

Amaury I beats Nur ed-Din in the Dead Sea and Saladin in Gaza.

Saladin eliminates the fatimid caliphate of Cairo. The division of Muslims between the caliphate of Damascus and the caliphate of Cairo disappears.

Saladin has a convent built in Cairo. Adopts the title of malik - king - and occupies Upper Egypt and sends an expedition to Yemen.

1174, May 15th.
Death of Nur ed-Din. Saladin seizes power in Syria.
- Death of Amaury I. Beginning of the reign of Baldwin IV.

The Seljuk Turks of the Rum annihilate the Byzantine army of Emperor Manuel Comneno in Myriocefalo.
- Saladin begins construction of the great citadel of Cairo.

Crusade led by the Count of Flanders, Philip of Alsace.

1177, 25-26 November.
Saladin is defeated at Montgisard by Baldwin IV.

Saladin attacks Shot.
Saladin and Baldwin IV sign a truce.

1182, August.
Saladin attacks Nazareth and Tiberias and attempts to seize Beirut to split the Latin states into two.
- Latin Massacre in Constantinople.

Renaud de Châtillon expedition against Medina. The expedition is annihilated by Saladin, who becomes the great avenger of Islam. The 1180 truce is over.

Saladin attacks Aleppo and devastates Samaria and Galilee.

Advent of Abu Yusuf Ya'qub al-Mançur. The heyday of the empire lunched.

Signing of a new four-year truce between Saladin and Baldwin IV.

Guy de Lusignan becomes king of Jerusalem after the brief reign of Baldwin V, preventing the rise to the throne of Raimundo III of Tripoli, who takes refuge in Tiberias.

1187 Renaud de Châtillon attacks a caravan heading for Mecca, ending the truce agreed two years earlier.

1187, July 4th.
Hattin disaster, where Guy de Lusignan is taken prisoner.
- Saladin again takes Acre, Jaffa, Caesarea, Sidon, Beirut and Ashkelon.

1187, 20th September - 2nd October.

Siege and seizure of Jerusalem by Muslims. The Holy Sepulcher is closed and the mosques reopened


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