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Matilda Murray

The Matilda Murray was a flame-thrower tank produced in Australian that arrived too late to see service in the Second World War.

The Australians produced a number of variants on the basic A12 Matilda Infantry Tank Mk II, under the general codename 'Circus Equipment'. The most successful of these was the Matilda Frog flamethrower tank. The flamethrower and 80 gallons of special fuel was carried in the turret, with spare fuel dotted around the tank. The flame jet was powered by gas pressure, and the biggest flaw with the Frog was the 20 seconds gap caused by the need to build up pressure.

The Matilda Murray was produced to overcome this problem. The gas pressure device was replaced with cordite charges, which eliminated the gap between bursts. The turret tank was also enlarged, allowing it to carry 130 gallons, enough for thirteen bursts.

The Matilda Frog saw some combat in Borneo late in the Second World War, but the Matilda Murray arrived too late to see active service.

A need for Firepower

In early 1943, a General Staff specification was issued for a tank mounted flame projector for use by Australian units in the Pacific. Plans were submitted for a cordite based flamethrower designed by Major A.E Miller, the commanding officer of the Australian 2/9 Armoured Regiment Workshop, but no action was taken to develop the design. A separate Matilda II mounted design utilizing compressed air propellant was produced by the Munitions Supply Laboratory under the designation of ‘Flamethrower, Transportable Aust No. 1 Mk I’. The flamethrower was tested but with an unsatisfactory range of 14-19 yards (13-17 m). In November 1943, a panel including Major Miller was formed to investigate potential new designs for a tank based flame projector. On January 7, 1944, a new requirement was issued for a flamethrower mounted in the turret of a Matilda II infantry tank, with the design to be completed by February 7, 1944. The working design was a cordite based flame projector refined from Major Miller’s original design, however, it required fabrication of components which would extend completion past the deadline.
Major Miller proposed an alternative design based on a hydro-pneumatic cylinder which could be fabricated from available components and was approved, with a budget of 250 pounds. The new system utilized an electrically powered hydro-pneumatic piston to generate pressure for the flame projector and a prototype designated ‘Frog’ was completed on February 21, 1944. The prototype Frog was tested on April 2, and a refined system was approved for production of 25 units. Major Miller was transferred to the Master General of Ordnance (MGO) branch to oversee design and production. The first tank was delivered by July 22, 1944, and successfully demonstrated to the Commander of the Australian Military Forces, General Thomas Blamey, at Monegeetta Proving Grounds on July 26. The production flame tank was officially adopted under the name of ‘Flamethrower, Transportable Frog (Aust) No. 2 Mk I’, but is more commonly known as the ‘Matilda Frog.’

Matilda Murray - History

Laura Towne was one of the first Northern women to go south to work with freed slaves. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on May 3, 1825, Towne later lived in Philadelphia, where she moved in socially progressive circles. She was educated as both a homeopathic physician and a teacher. She was also a dedicated abolitionist. Towne opened the Penn School, the first school for freedmen, while the Civil War was raging. As a white woman living and working among former slaves, she defied convention. Unlike most of those who went south at the time, Laura Towne made a life for herself on St. Helena Island, South Carolina, and ran the Penn School until her death in 1901.

In 1861, the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina fell to the Union army. Faced with defeat, the entire white population fled, leaving their homes, belongings, and ten thousand slaves. Towne arrived on the Sea Islands in April 1862, one of the first Northern women to go south to work during the Civil War. She participated in the Port Royal Experiment, the first large-scale government effort to help former slaves. The teachers who went south sought not only to teach the freedmen how to read and write, but hoped to help them develop socially and morally. They saw themselves as missionaries who would "bring the light of God's truth" to people they assumed were in need of such enlightenment.

Laura Towne exemplified this dual role, teacher and missionary, though with few lofty affectations. She was pragmatic, down-to-earth and strong-minded -- a born administrator. She readily entered into the life of Saint Helena Island, where she began her work attending to the medical needs of the freedmen. However, in June 1862, she and Ellen Murray, her life-long friend and fellow teacher, opened the first school for freed slaves. The school had nine adult students and operated out of the back room of a plantation house. This school was to become the Penn School, which Towne and Murray would operate for the next forty years.

Eventually, Towne gave up practicing medicine in order to devote all her attentions to the business of teaching and running Penn. Unlike most of the schools for freedmen, the Penn School offered a rigorous curriculum, modeled on that of schools in New England. Laura Towne spent forty years running the school and grew to love her life on the Sea Islands. She and Ellen Murray eventually adopted several African American children and raised them as their own. Upon her death in 1901, Towne left the Penn School to the Hampton Institute, at which time it began operating as the Penn Normal, Industrial, and Agricultural School.

Towne, Laura (ed. Rupert Sargent Holland). Letters and Diaries of Laura M. Towne, 1912
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Minnie F. Sutton24654
Annie C. La Hay24656
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Beverly H. Thurman24667
Thomas A. Smith24668
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William Calvert24704
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Joseph L. Gibbs, Jr24709
James O. Roscopf24711
Marion A. Miller24712
Charles T. Grubbs24719
Robert F. Murphy24720
Jennie B. Taylor24742
Joseph M. Allton21743
Ollie O. Tiley21744
Martha A. Buster21747
Sarah C. Duck24748
Helen N. Bullette24749
Nannie E. Ward24750
William W. Bryan24753
William L. Walden24754
John T. Abercrombie24760
Mahala L. Tucker21765
John A. Poison24766
Huldah E. Bible24767
William McKenney24768
James L. Beatty24771
Robert L. England24774
Thomas D. Bard24775
David C. Harris24776
Annie C. Archer24777
Milton Thompson24778
Josephine Crutchfield24779
William G. Riggs24780
John H. McKeehan24782
Ples L. McLain24789
Jackson C. White24790
Ira Talbert24791
Thomas J. Ethridge24792
William It. Hornbuckle24793
Adolphus Peek24795
Zona Fry24796
William L. Harris24797
Sylvania Whisenhunt24798
William C. Stewart24799
Allie Howell24800
John T. Washam24802
James W. Watson24803
Mary J. Ross24804
Robert L. Comer24806
Jerry Rollens24807
Roderick D. Perry24809
lcy L. Cornwell24811
Mollie V. Allen24812
Susie S. Ward24814
Joseph Bridges24815
Ella N. Brown24816
Burrell M. Madison24817
Elijah Creech24818
Jessie A. Starr24819
Jessie Taylor24826
John. P. Marshall24827
Mary D. Bendure24836
Leona Fisher24841
Christopher C. Alloway24843
John H. Gibbs24855
Jasper Chaney24859
Bettie Bullett24861
Henry C. Payne24862
Annie L. Sanders24863
Minnie Davis24870
Frank J. Woods24871
William P. Hauck24872
Mead E. Hoffman24873
George C. Lloyd24874
Leoria L. Twist24875
Leona L. Stephens24876
Nella England24878
John D. Burgess24879
Joseph F. Blair24881
Maude Raper24883
Albert H. Collins24884
Hugh Brock24885
Mary Wallis24887
Thomas J. Pevehouse24888
Bettie M. Coodey24890
James M. Hamilton24891
James Murphey24892
William Lynch24893
Henry F. Carter24804
Jacob I. Harlow24895
Edward M. Logsdon24896
Frank L. Tague24900
John T. Brown24901
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Vicie Ann Phariss24908
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George M. Miller24910
Loue Gott24911
Alien Kirk24912
Annie Duncan24914
Isabella Barnes24917
May W. Mills24923
Charles Noris24925
William J. Strange24939
Benjamin D. Pennington24940
William G. Milam24950
John N. Mosier24965
Jack Roberson24966
Laura R. Parks24975
William H. Moreland24976
William F. McSpadden24977
Emma G. Poole24979
LaFayette A. Byrd24984
Charles H. Hawkins24994
George W. Waller25001
Forest Guilliams25002
Mark F. Zulkey25005
Jolly E. Robinson25007
Laura Taylor25015
Susan Mayes26871

That said persons possess no right to enrollment as citizen of the Cherokee Nation other than by intermarriage, and that no one of said persons claims to have been married to a citizen by blood of the Cherokee Nation prior to November 1, 1875. The name of no one of said persons is identified on the Cherokee authenticated roll of 1880.

It Is Therefore Ordered And Adjudged:

That in accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, dated November 5. 1900, in the cases of Daniel Red Bird et al, vs. the United States, Nos, 125, 126, 127 and 128, said applicants are not entitled, under the provisions of Section 21, of the Act of Congress approved June 28, 1898 (30 Stats., 495), to enrollment as citizens by intermarriage of the Cherokee Nation, and their applications for enrollment as such are accordingly denied.

Pauli Murray as a LGBTQ+ Historical Figure

One of five Pauli Murray Murals and Community Monuments in Durham, North Carolina located at 1101 West Chapel Hill Street. Credit: Face Up Project, Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice

Pauli Murray's personal writings about her gender identity and sexuality have been a recent topic of study. Gender studies scholars are now acknowledging that were Murray living today, she may have identified as a transgender man.

Because of this, scholars and activists differ in opinion about what pronouns to use for Murray. Throughout both the physical and online exhibition, the museum has decided to use she/her pronouns, keeping with historical precedent, and have identified Murray as she identified herself, in accordance with our language guide.

Pauli Murray wrote about her gender identity and sexuality throughout her life. In her journals, Murray wondered if she was "one of nature's experiments a girl who should have been a boy." Partially because of this struggle, Murray suffered breakdowns and was hospitalized throughout her twenties and thirties. Murray sought medical treatment and consulted doctors concerning what she called “an inverted sex instinct,” including asking doctors to test her hormone levels for any imbalance and attempting to find doctors that would agree to give her testosterone.

Pauli Murray A Youthful Spirit Mural and Community Monument
2520 Vesson Avenue - Durham, NC

Though Murray was married to a man briefly, she wrote “Why is it that when a man makes love to me, something in me tries to fight?” She fundamentally felt that she was a man trapped in a woman's body, an expression of gender dysphoria. Pauli Murray wrote less about her gender identity after feeling that her medical options had been exhausted and after attending Howard where she experienced the dual oppressions of sexism and racism in Washington, D.C. Alongside Betty Friedan, Murray was a founder of the National Organization of Women (NOW), and she wrote extensively about the importance of women’s equality under the law.

Pauli Murray True Community Mural and Community Monument
313 Foster Street - Durham, NC

Pauli Murray had at least two significant romantic relationships with women, though she resisted the term “lesbian.” She associated negative stereotypes with lesbians, and saw herself as a man attracted to what she called "bisexual" women, (or feminine women whom she believed were attracted to her masculinity). Murray’s longest relationship was with Irene Barlow, whom she met in the 1950s while working at a law firm. Murray and Barlow maintained a relationship and partnership until Barlow’s death in 1973. Murray was also thought to have a romantic relationship with Peg Holmes, a woman she met at Camp TERA, the women's equivalent of the Depression-era Civilian Conservation Corps, in upstate New York during the mid-1930s. Their relationship did not last very long, but they traveled across the country together.

Pauli Murray in the World Mural and Community Monument
117 S. Buchanan Boulevard - Durham, NC

Murray's experience resonates with many different aspects of the LGBTQ community, no matter how Murray is identified. During her lifetime, Pauli Murray was same-gender loving and had same- gender romantic relationships. Her writings indicate that she experienced gender dysphoria, which many transgender and nonbinary people also experience. It is important to recognize Murray as a historical LGBTQ figure and more broadly, recognize the contributions of LGBTQ individuals throughout history.

Pauli Murray & the Virgen de Guadelupe Mural and Community Monument
Formerly at 2009 Chapel Hill Road - Durham, NC

About the Pauli Murray Murals and Community Monuments
Five murals, pictured above, were created in honor of Pauli Murray between 2007-2009 as a part of the Face Up: Telling Stories of Community Life collaborative public art project in Durham, North Carolina. More than 1,500 people participated in a series of events that fostered new connections and dialogue, expanded awareness of local history, and lifted up the life and legacy of Pauli Murray.

The beginning

Yes, the glorious, 50,000-acre Lake Murray was a series of small communities back in the 1920s, but a man named Thomas Clay Williams thought that bringing hydroelectric power to the rivers in the Midlands would be a good idea. Engineers in South Carolina dismissed his ideas, but an engineer from New York, William Spencer Murray, saw the value behind this theory. The Saluda River Valley had a low elevation and no other permanent structures, like railroads, in the way. Upon visiting the site in person, Murray saw more than Williams did and had visions of a larger system that could generate more power at a much cheaper cost. From there, the project grew.

In 1927, the Lexington Water Power Company began securing the massive amounts of land it would need to begin constructing the lake and the dam. More than 100,000 acres, 75,000 of which were wooded areas, were purchased. This section of land included three churches, six schools, and 193 graveyards that contained 2,323 graves. Many of the families that lived on this purchased property relocated not far from the project, though some of the smaller communities and poorer people in the area suffered.

Over the next several years, heavy work began to clear the site. Approximately 2,000 men and 37 sawmills turned out 100 million board-feet of lumber from all of the trees that were cleared from the area. To keep work going as quickly as possible, a village sprang up near the project site to house workers. In 1929, the reservoir began to fill with water and the lake came to life, as the folks who used to inhabit the area watched their former homes go awash.

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" I have read just about everything I can about Eleanor and enjoyed both biographical and fictional accounts of her life but I must say that your creation of Eleanor is the most compelling." Reader from Australia

" I loved the story I loved the way the author wrote Alienor as a woman of her times instead of a thoroughly modern independent woman, or a slut in chase of anything in pants. As with all Chadwick novels, there's also the added plus of being sucked into another century with the sights, smells and sounds that wrap up a darn-near perfect reading experience. I couldn't put it down, and very sorry I'm going to have to wait for the next installment. Reader from the USA

" Meticulous research and strong storytelling." Woman & Home
"A rich and compelling read. " Candis Magazine

" I often see the expressions, `fleshing out the history' and `making it real', and they more than apply here. the main aspect that made me keep turning the pages and burning the midnight oil? The things that I didn't know about Alienor.." Reader from Australia

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Professional Tennis Career

Shortly after becoming the youngest British player to compete in the Davis Cup, Murray made his professional debut in April 2005. In 2006, with new coach Brad Gilbert, Murray beat top-ranked Roger Federer in Round 2 of the Cincinnati Masters tournament. Also that year, he defeated Andy Roddick en route to winning the SAP Open for his first ATP title. In 2007, Murray claimed a second straight SAP Open and also won the St. Petersburg Open to break into the Top 10 rankings.

Murray emerged in the tennis spotlight when he defeated Spanish sensation Rafael Nadal to reach the final of the 2008 U.S. Open, before losing to Federer. He ascended to No. 2 in the world in 2009, and finished runner-up at the Australian Open in both 2010 and 2011.

In 2012, Murray made it to the Wimbledon final for the first time with his semifinal win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Murray&aposs victory made Scotland and the whole United Kingdom proud — he was the first tennis pro from Great Britain to reach the Wimbledon final since 1938. However, Murray lost in the final to Federer, who claimed his seventh Wimbledon win.

Murray avenged his Wimbledon loss at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, held in London, where he beat Federer to take his first Olympic gold medal. That September, he continued to burn up the courts with an impressive run through the U.S. Open field. Murray scored an impressive victory over Novak Djokovic in a tough three sets to clinch his first Grand Slam title, becoming the first player from Great Britain since 1977 — and the first British man since 1936 — to win a Grand Slam singles tournament.

After losing to Djokovic at the 2013 Australian Open, Murray made history that summer by defeating the Serbian player to claim the Wimbledon men&aposs singles championship. He was the first British male to win the tournament in 77 years and the second Scottish-born player to win Wimbledon since Harold Mahony in 1896.

Murray underwent back surgery in September 2013 following his loss in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. His performance was uneven for much of the 2014 season, though he made news by hiring former women&aposs champion Amelie Mauresmo to be his coach.

The Scottish player seemingly was back on track when he reached his fourth Australian Open final in early 2015. That March, he scored career victory No. 500 while competing at the Miami Open.

Murray followed with an impressive run at the 2015 French Open, battling back from a two-set deficit in the semifinals before succumbing to Djokovic. A few weeks later, he reached the semifinals of Wimbledon, but his hopes of advancing were cut short by theਊgeless Federer. Murray&aposs subsequent fourth-round loss at the U.S. Open not only thwarted his last chance for a major title in 2015, it snapped his streak of 18 consecutive appearances in a Grand Slam quarterfinal.

Murray began the 2016 season on a strong note, advancing to the Australian Open final before suffering another loss to his nemesis, Djokovic. However, he gained some revenge by defeating਍jokovic to claim the Italian Open in May and then sustained his high level of play through the French Open. With his semifinal win over defending champion Stan Wawrinka, Murray became the first British player to reach the French Open final since 1937. However, his bid to add another Slam title fell short when he wound up on the losing end ofਊ blistering Djokovic onslaught once again.

In July 2016, Murray advanced to the semifinals at Wimbledon after defeating Jo Wilfried-Tsonga. In the final, he upended Milos Raonic, the first Canadian man to make it to the Wimbledon final, 6-4, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (2). The victory was Murray&aposs third Grand Slam title.

The following month, Murray continued his sterling play by defeating Argentina&aposs Juan Martin del Potroਊt the Rio Games, making him the first male tennis player to successfully defend his Olympic singles title.


Matilda appears as a white anthropomorphic Chicken with the same appearance as in her toons version but with white feathered arms, as she is shaped more like a teardrop than an egg. Her eyes are now teal instead of black, her beak is similar to Chuck's, but the top of her beak is taller. Her black and pink feathers at the back are now large and has three feathers instead of two and has extra three black thin large feathers. Her black and pink feathers on top of her head is also large and gains another feather to make it three feathers and has an orange slippers.

Watch the video: Mireille Mathieu - Une femme amoureuse 1981 (August 2022).