The Geographer Profession

The Geographer Profession

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Named Geographer is the professional who studies geography.

Geographers not only investigate the physical and social aspects of the earth but also the reasons for these aspects and the possible consequences for the environment.

The Geographer in Brazil is the professional who completed the Bachelor of Geography, legally qualified through Law 6664/79, and obtains his registration with the CREA - Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture - of his state.

The professional distinction between a Geographer and a Geography Teacher is that the Geographer is qualified to issue technical advice, as long as he or she is regularly associated with CREA, as well as for the preparation of EIA / RIMA (preliminary environmental impact study and environmental impact report). ), and may also tender for state cadres in need of bachelors.

The teacher of Geography is the professional who holds a degree in Geography, and can legally exercise the functions of teaching, from 6th grade to 9th grade of elementary school and high school.

To teach in Higher Education, for both the bachelor and the graduate, the requirement is a master's degree, not essentially in the area of ​​geography, but in related fields.
May 29th is the day of the Geographer.

The Geographer, by Johannes Vermeer


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