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Friar Mug

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Pernambuco religious and political (1779-1825). One of the leaders of the Confederation of Ecuador.

Joaquim of Divine Love Rabelo and Mug (7 / 1779-23 / 1/1825) is born in Recife. Son of a Portuguese cooper, incorporates in the name the nickname he earns from his father's profession. He is ordained a Carmelite friar in 1799. From liberal ideas, he joins the republican movement and attends the Paradise Academy, one of the gathering centers of those who, influenced by the French Revolution and US independence, conspire against the Portuguese yoke. Actively participates in the 1817 Pernambucan Revolt, which proclaims the Republic and organizes the first independent Brazilian government. With the defeat of the movement, it is incarcerated in Bahia. Released in 1821, resumes political activities. In 1824 takes part in the Confederation of Ecuador, republican and separatist movement. Once again defeated, flees to Ceará, is arrested, taken to Recife, and sentenced to the gallows. Thanks to the respect he enjoys, the executioner refuses to execute the sentence, with the support of the other detainees. Stripped of religious orders, he was shot on January 23, 1825.


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