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Avoid Peron

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Argentine actress and political leader (7/5 / 1919-26 / 7/1952). Born in Los Toldos, near Buenos Aires, in a poor family. At 16, she decides to pursue her artistic career and moves to the Argentine capital alone. In 1937 film debut in the movie Seconds Afuera and is then hired to do soap operas. In 1944 he meets Juan Domingo Perón, then Vice President of Argentina and Minister of Labor and War.

The following year, Perón is arrested by military personnel unhappy with his policy, aimed at obtaining benefits for workers. Avoid, then only actress Eva Duarte, organizes popular rallies that force the authorities to release him.

Shortly after he marries Perón, who is elected president in 1946. Famous for his elegance and charisma, Evita earns for Peronism the support of the poor population, mostly rural migrants whom she called "shirtless". Dies at 33 from uterine cancer.

Embalmed, his body is exposed to public visitation until, during the coup d'état that topples Perón in 1955, his political enemies kidnap the corpse and hide it for 16 years. In 1971, the body is returned by an Argentine officer to the former president in Madrid, where he lives in exile.

Perón returns to Argentina in 1973 and is reelected president, having the third woman, Isabelita, like vice. After her death in 1974, Isabelita brought Evita's spoils to Argentina and buried them in Buenos Aires.


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