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It is the second largest continent in the world. With an area of ​​42,189,120 km² and a population of over 750 million inhabitants, it corresponds to 8.3% of the total surface of the planet and 14% of the human population.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic, America includes the Caribbean Sea and Greenland, but not Iceland, for historical and cultural reasons.

Formed by two large land masses, joined by a narrow strip, it is divided into three parts: North, Central (encompassing the Caribbean Sea nations) and South.

The continent brings together countries marked by great economic differences. The United States (US) and Canada have GDP among the highest in the world, while most of the continent's 35 countries remain in dire straits.

It is also known by the plural Americas and the expression New World (as opposed to Europe, considered the Old World). Some do not regard America as a single continent, preferring to define it as a set of lands made up of the continents of North America (including the so-called Central America and the Caribbean) and South America.

In any case, America is in fact made up of two continental-sized masses - the North and South America -, linked by an isthmus (the Panama isthmus) that is cut by a canal (the Panama Canal). ).

America's location on the world map

Countries and Territories

The following is a list of the 35 independent countries of America and their respective capitals, as well as the territories that are dependencies of other countries.

Independent countries

Antigua and Barbuda (St. John's)
Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Bahamas (Nassau)
Barbados (Bridgetown)
Belize (Belmopan)
Bolivia (La Paz)
Brazil Brasilia)
Canada (Ottawa)
Chile (Santiago)
Colombia (Bogota)
Costa Rica (San Jose)
Cuba (Havana)
Dominica (Roseau)
Ecuador (Quito)
El Salvador (San Salvador)
United States (Washington)
Grenada (St. George's)
Guatemala (Guatemala City)
Guyana (Georgetown)
Haiti (Port-au-Prince)
Honduras (Tegucigalpa)
Jamaica (Kingston)
Mexico (Mexico City)
Nicaragua (Managua)
Panama (Panama City)
Paraguay (Asuncion)

Peru (Lima)
Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (Basse-Terre)
Saint Lucia (Castries)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Kingstown)
Suriname (Paramaribo)
Trinidad and Tobago (Port of Spain)
Uruguay (Montevideo)
Venezuela (Caracas)

Dependent Territories

Greenland dep. Denmark
Puerto Rico dep. U.S
US Virgin Islands dep. U.S
Guadeloupe dep. France
French Guiana dep. France
Martinique dep. France
St. Peter and Miquelon dep. France
Aruba dep. Netherlands
Netherlands Antilles dep. Netherlands
Anguilla Dep. UK
Shorts dep. UK
British Virgin Islands dep. UK
Cayman Islands dep. UK
Falkland Islands dep. UK
Montserrat Dep. UK
Turks and Caicos Dep. UK

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