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Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth University

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Virginia Commonwealth University is a large American research university located in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Commonwealth University is the third-largest university in Virginia by enrolling more than 29,000 students.Virginia Commonwealth offers 162 baccalaureate, master's, doctoral, professional, and certificate degree programs. Forty-four of the university programs are unique to Virginia.Virginia Commonwealth University was formed by merging the Medical College of Virginia, in 1968. The medical school, housed in the university, is renowned for the nation’s oldest organ transplant program.The university is also renowned for its diversity with the highest percentage of minority students among Virginia public universities. Virginia Commonwealth University hosts the annual VCU French Film Festival, the largest French film festival in the United States.Though Virginia Commonwealth University was officially formed in 1968, by merging the Richmond Professional Institute (RPI) and Medical College of Virginia (MCV), the history of Virginia Commonwealth University dates back to 1838.It was in this year Medical College of Virginia first opened its doors as the medical department of Hampden-Sydney College. Richmond Professional Institute traces its root back to 1917, when it began as the Richmond School of Social Work.

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