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Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt

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It is the oldest goddess cited by the texts, perhaps the protector of Lower Egypt well before the unification of the country. Mostly venerated at Sais in the Delta, she is represented as a woman wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt.

Her name is written with two arrows or two bows, which designates her well as a warrior goddess. Also protective, with Duramulef, of the canopic vessel of the stomach, she seems to be a self-sufficient deity, one of the rare feminine creator principles among the Egyptian gods.


He is a kind, wise, wise, assistant, and archival secretary of the gods. Divinity to which revelation was attributed to man in almost every intellectual discipline: writing, arithmetic, the sciences in general, and magic. It was the scribe god and the literate god par excellence. He had been the inventor of hieroglyphic writing and was the scribe of the gods; Lord of wisdom and magic.

Which makes him the patron of scribes who give him a prayer before writing. "Master of divine words". Thot presides over the measure of time: the disk in the head is the moon, whose phases rhythm day and night. Represented as an ibis or an ibis-headed man, or a baboon.

Tuna fish

In Heliopolis, he is the father and king of all gods, the creator of the universe who willingly extracted himself from the initial chaos.

Tuna is most often depicted as a king dressed in a loincloth and more rarely as a serpent, wearing the two crowns of Upper and Lower Egypt.


Sekhmet, "the power," is a bad character and has dreadful cholera that can spread burning winds, epidemics and death in the country. Appeased by feasts and offerings, it becomes possible to obtain their help against Apophis - who opposes the rising of the sun - the enemies of the wartime king or the agents responsible for the disease in the bodies of men.

Its priests are experts in magic and medicine. In Memphis, Sekhmet is Ptah's wife and mother of Nefertum. She is almost always represented as a lioness-headed woman crowned with the sun disk.


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