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It is located in the west of the Northeast region, having as limits the Atlantic Ocean to the north, Piauí to the east, Tocantins to the south and southwest and Pará to the west. It is the only state in the region with part of its area covered by the Amazon forest, with important environmental protection areas. In 1997, the capital São Luis was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The economy of Maranhão is based on industry (aluminum processing), services, extractivism, agriculture (soy, cassava, rice, corn) and livestock. There are several theories for the origin of the state name. However, the most accepted is that Maranhão was the name given to the Amazon River by the natives of the region before the European navigators arrived.

Maranhão also stands out in tourism (ecological, cultural, religious), presenting visitors with a mixture of ecosystems only compared, in Brazil, with the Pantanal Mato-Grossense. It has the 2nd largest Brazilian coast, surpassed only by Bahia.

Coat of arms
Amid the rumor of the secular jungles… +
Sao Luis
Total area
331,993.293 km²
7,035,055 hab


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