Large northern river

Large northern river

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It is located in the Northeast Region, with the Atlantic Ocean to the north and east, Paraíba to the south and Ceará to the west. The inhabitants or natives of Rio Grande do Norte are designated by the gentile "potiguar" or "north-rio-grandense". Potiguar was the name of a Tupi nation that inhabited the coastal region where the state is today.

Rio Grande do Norte's economy is booming, relying on trade, the textile industry, agro-industry and tourism, thanks to a coastline of 410 km of beaches. Although Bahia has the largest coastline among the Brazilian states, Rio Grande do Norte is the one with the largest projection to the Atlantic, because it is located in a region where the Brazilian coast is at an acute angle, the so-called "corner of Brazil".

The state is the largest Brazilian exporter of crustacean, along with Ceará. It also has a great potential for mineral salt and terrestrial oil. In agriculture, the highlight is shrimp farming, irrigated fruit (pineapple, banana, melon and coconut, among others) and livestock.

Coat of arms
Splendid Rio Grande do Norte… +
Total area
52,796,791 km²
3,479,010 inhabitants


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