The story

Profession: Historian (continued)

The course

The curriculum is composed of disciplines that address both periods, whether ancient history or medieval, or regions such as Brazil or Asia. There are also specific topics in this area of ​​knowledge, such as methodology of history, theory of history or history of science.

Sociology, geography, Brazilian literature, anthropology and archeology complement the formation. A lot of reading and a good deal of lectures and seminars are part of the student's daily life. Attention: most History courses in the country are undergraduate, which trains teachers. On graduation, the course may be called Social Studies (history). If you want to pursue research or work at companies, it may be worth pursuing a bachelor's degree. The internship is required, as is the course completion work.

Average course length: four years.

Professional Profile

Interest in social issues and reading, capacity for reflection, argumentation and transmission of ideas, critical sense, research ability, meticulousness.

What can you do

TeachingTeach general or Brazilian history for elementary, middle and higher education or pre-university entrance exams.
Corporate memory
Search the history of companies and institutions and present it in books, articles or reports.
SearchInvestigate specific topics in archives, research institutes and universities to produce theses, books and articles.

Good memory and organizational skills are very important for practicing as a historian. It's also nice to have a taste for research and reading and writing.