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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

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January 13

Elizabeth I (also known under the variant Elizabeth I or Elizabeth I) - was Queen of England and Ireland until her death.

1419 - An English force captures the French city of Rouen.
1559 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I of England.
1610 - Galileo Galilei discovers the moon Callisto, Jupiter's fourth satellite. Galileo originally called the moons of Jupiter "Medicean planets" in honor of the Florentine Medici family and referred to them numerically as individual moons I, II, III and IV.
1822 - The first Greek National Assembly proclaims, in Epidaurus, the independence of Modern Greece.
1845 - François Félix Tisserand is born. French astronomer who became known for his textbook "Traité de mécanique celeste" (Treaty of Celestial Mechanics).
1864 - Wilhelm Wien is born (died on 08/30/1928). German physicist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1911 by the perfectly efficient law of radiation displacement by the blackbody (a surface absorbs all the radiant energy that hits it).
1898 - French writer Emile Zola writes to the president of his country the letter "j'acuse" about the Dreyfus case.
1920 - Argentina is admitted to the League of Nations.
1933 - The US Congress votes for the independence of the Philippines after a transitional period.
1941 - Dies in Zurich, the Irish writer James Joyce.
1943 - US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill open the Casablanca conference during World War II.
1945 - Russian forces start offensive in Silesia, Germany, during World War II.
1963 - In Togo, President Sylvanus Olympio is assassinated and the rebels seize power.
1968 - US air bombardment in Vietnam is concentrated in the Laos region to prevent the movement of supply convoys by the Communist forces along Ho Chi Minh Road.
1970 - Israeli planes bombard five targets in Egypt, including an air force supply base 22 kilometers from Cairo.
1973 - The riot police dispersed in Paris (France) a demonstration of students protesting against the presence in the French capital of Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir.
1976 - Japan announces that it is ready to sign a peace agreement with China.
1977 - Dies in Paris, Henry Langlois, founder of the French cinema.
1978 - NASA selects its first US female astronauts.
1986 - Palestinian radical leader Abu Nidal claims the December terrorist attacks at Rome and Vienna airports.
1988 - Dies, heart attack victim, Taiwanese President Chiang Ching-Kuo, 76.
1990 - Douglas Wilder, 58, takes office in Richmond, Virginia, as the first black elected governor of a US state.
1991 - Saddam Hussein reaffirms that Kuwait "will remain the nineteenth province of Iraq."
1993 - Acting President of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Abdou Diouf, calls on Angolan leaders to "stop" hostilities immediately.

1994 - Cuban Foreign Minister Roberto Robaina begins a visit to Angola.

1997 - Assumed as Red Cross Ambassador, Princess Diana of Wales travels to Angola.
1998 - American Michael Jordan retires from basketball.
2001 - An earthquake causes hundreds of victims in El Salvador.
2005 - The son of former British Prime Minister Margareth Thatcher, Mark Thatcher, finds himself guilty of the crime that implicates him in mercenary activity linked to the alleged coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea.
- New Forces ministers boycott meeting with Thabo Mbekki at Côte d'Ivoire.