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Ephemerides (in Latin, "daily memorial") is a chronological succession of dates and their respective events.

Check below the historical ephemerides we have registered. Periodically we will publish new facts.

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January 26th

1531 - Earthquake in Lisbon that victimizes approximately 30,000 people.
1546 - The São Paulo city of Santos is founded by Brás Cubas.
1565 - López de Legazpi takes possession of the island of Guam or the Thieves, in the Mariana archipelago.
1641 - War of the Mowers: the Generalitat de Catalunya, that had proclaimed the Catalan Republic, obtains an important military victory in the battle of Montjuïc.
1654 - The Dutch surrender in Recife, leaving definitively from Pernambuco.
1699 - Karlowitz Peace: Turks lose most of their territories in Europe, such as Hungary, Transylvania and Ukraine.
The Karlowitz Treaty signed between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League, strengthening the Habsburg power in southeastern Europe.
1764 - Jean Baptiste Bernadotte is born, French MARISCAL who became king of Sweden and Norway.
1788 - Landing of the first English settlers in present-day Sydney.
1801 - By royal letter from the Prince Regent, João Carlos de Bragança Sousa e Ligne is appointed Chief Steward of the King of Portugal.
1824 - King Fernando VII decrees not to negotiate with the rebels of the Spanish colonies in America in recognition of their independence.
1827 - Peru announces the end of its union with Colombia and declares its independence.
1835 - Queen Maria II of Portugal marries Augusto de Beauharnais, Duke of Leuchtenberg.
1870 - At the end of the Civil War, Virginia is readmitted to the Union.
1880 - Douglas Mac Arthur is born, US general who negotiated the surrender of Japan in 1945.
1887 - Start of construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
1905 - Found a 3,106 carat diamond at the Premier Mine, South Africa.
1918 - Nicolae Ceaucescu, former president of Romania, is born.
1918 - Finnish General Wannerheim begins his country's liberation war against the Russian occupiers.
1920 - First day when newspapers were no longer published in Spain as a result of the introduction of Sunday rest for journalists and press workers.
1939 - Spanish Civil War: Franco troops enter Barcelona.
1941 - British offensive in Italian Somalia begins.
1945 - Battles of World War II: Operation Elephant - Allied offensive in the Netherlands.
1950 - Proclamation of the Republic of India.
1957 - Numerous intellectuals are arrested in Hungary.
1988 - Andrew Lloyd Webber's British musical Phantom of the Opera opens on Broadway. Even before the US debut, the show had sold $ 12 million in tickets.
1993 - Former Czechoslovak President Vaclav Havel is elected first president of the independent Czech Republic.
1994 - The bodies of 55 workers recovered in a carbon mine in West Bengal (India) recovered.
1995 - Franz Allers dies, Czech musician, director of "My Fair Lady" and other musical works.
1998 - Dies Shinichi Suzuki, Japanese musician and educator, creator of the Suzuki Method of teaching children music.


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